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Today the Marketing Scenario has totally changed for the big and small business due to three major aspects which are, the first is the Internet which made the information and media available to each and every person in the world. The Second is the Mobile which connects almost every person in the world and makes everyone available 27*7, we may leave everything at home while going outside but nobody leaves his mobile while going out for any reason. And final one is the cloud computing which provides cheap, practically infinite computing power. And organizations can analyze large number of data which never be done before. The internet has really have a great impact on consumer behavior now a days as every information is available for the consumer, the different products available, price ranges, reviews etc.

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Indian Institute of Lamp Engineering
congratulation to our Python & PHP Batch for successful completion of their training. All the students has given their best during their training, and their hard work during their project completion is appreciable.
we wish them all the best for there future learning.

IMG-20160730-WA0002    IMG-20160730-WA0005     IMG-20160730-WA0004

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