Digital Marketing in India - Indian Institute of Lamp Engineering

Today the Marketing Scenario has totally changed for the big and small business due to three major aspects which are, the first is the Internet which made the information and media available to each and every person in the world. The Second is the Mobile which connects almost every person in the world and makes everyone available 27*7, we may leave everything at home while going outside but nobody leaves his mobile while going out for any reason. And final one is the cloud computing which provides cheap, practically infinite computing power. And organizations can analyze large number of data which never be done before. The internet has really have a great impact on consumer behavior now a days as every information is available for the consumer, the different products available, price ranges, reviews etc.



So now if you want to engage with your customer you need right technology, right people and right process so you could engage with your customers in much effective way. As previously we use the funnel Management  for improving sales of the organization, starts with putting more and more people in funnel and then following them on regular basis and finally converting them as the customers, which follows the 10% rule as 100 people you adding in funnel so the final conversion will be 10 people approx. But nowadays the consumer behavior is totally changed so this funnel concept is no longer is relevant, customer can start his purchase journey at any point of time along with his decision making path.

The marketer job is now become to figure how to tap this new dynamic as to make products available at customer fingertip throughout the year and also to anticipate what exactly he/she want to listen it can only be achieved with the effective digital marketing. This is where Digital Marketing comes.


So for organization to do well in market they have to push the digital marketing. Further what all ways to do digital marketing. There are three major ways to do digital marketing first is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as per today there are 130,000,000+ millions of registered website available on internet. So most of consumers rely on search engines like google, yahoo, bing, ask, aol, etc. and approx 91% of consumers search on these search engines to purchase what they want. so when one search anything on google or other search engine the first thing is the paid ads but the first thing which most people care about the actual result lists. As these website contain what exactly one is looking for. And here the most important point that 94% of people check the first page search results and mostly check the first three websites results. And these are not only the visitors these are the  people who are looking for what exactly you offer ,and they are most likely to convert to your customers, subscribers, etc… So what about the other millions of websites or if your website doesn’t on first page it simply equals as your website doesn’t exist, no one even find it.


A superhero with an emblem reading SEO has arrived to teach you how to improve your search engine optimization and boost web views and traffic to generate more online income

So have you ever thought of why few website are comes on first page results and other just vanish on the last pages. The site positions is described by the pagerank of the particular websites. Every website has a ranking on particular keywords and searches. So when search start on search engine it start searching that particular keywords in all your web pages, so if the websites has those relevant keywords are used often are ranked higher and showed on top on results. But new studies shows that use of same keywords many times does not means your website will shown on top, but the websites which are suggested by other pages are more likely to be relevant so that’s how the google and other search engine perform. So two things which plays a vital role in listing of your website is one is the keywords which google search on your website and other is the backlinks which helps google and other search engines to trust your website and rank it up. So the keywords tells google that you are there and the backlinks moves your website up chain.


When you start with digital marketing the first thing is the ON-SITE SEO that means optimizing your website to contain the relevant keywords on it and second part is the OFF-SITE SEO that means generating backlinks to your websites that originates from other sources links can be created through articles, social media, blog posts, discussion boards, etc. so more effective keywords listing on your website and more relevant back links actually will deciding to make your website available on the first page results.
Finally I like to add the SEO is super important as it help you to move top of the search results and since today almost everyone heavily rely on search engines to find anything they looking for the SEO is the most effective way to increase traffic to your site. And let me add good SEO will take time so  as soon you start soon you will move up in search results.